We are not surprised by the fact that year-round wooden houses are ones of the most popular and desired orders in our company. They are not only beautiful and ecological, but also have very good insulation parameters. Our houses are comfortable, healthy and easy to assemble. Thanks to a years of experience and practice we produce high-quality wooden houses paying an attention to every, even the smallest detail.

Presented section shows elements one of the most common constructing system made in our company. The essential supporting construction are spruce beams (M) 44/70/90 mm joined together as a log structure which gives a solid construction for whole building. In addition, the structure is supported by independent construction of vertical and horizontal struts (Ł). Supporting walls are set on ground beams which are joined with a concrete foundation by steel bolts. The second floor of a house is supported by ceiling beams tied with walls’ construction by suitable joinery . The building construction is closed by durable wooden roof truss.
The insulation of the building depends on individual project documentation. Generally, it is used insulating foil and mineral wool. Wall and roof construction are finished by wooden paneling, plasterboards and other materials specified in the project.

We also attach a lot of importance to window and door carpentry. In our company it is produced with a great precision and patience. That gives very high- standard products with excellent thermal insulation parameters.