The company P.P.U.H. DREW-DOM exist on the market since 1992. Its headquarters is located in Spytkowice, a picturesque village in southern Poland. The magic of the surrounding forests and hills makes the wood a material which is deeply rooted in the consciousness of the local people. We would like to share with you the atmosphere of this place building for you your dreamlike wooden house.
The satisfaction of our clients we set as a priority, therefore we usually carry out individual projects of our customers. We also offer assistance and expertise in the design of your ideal house. Our specialized staff in the field of architecture and wood building technology will help you in planning, constructing and material selecting. Each manufactured house is unique, designed and consulted with the client.

And all of this is for creating a house for you where you will find comfort, warmth and sweetness of life. Your own home.


We deal with complex production of elements for wooden houses. In our offer you will find not only year-round houses, but also seasonal cottages or second houses, gazebos, garages, sheds, wooden structures, rafter framing, windows and doors, shutters, stairs, floors, balustrades, wooden cladding, wooden profiles, small architecture elements, etc.

In its more than 25 years of operation DREW-DOM have found their customers not only in Poland, but also in many European countries- France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience we have acquired over the years, we are able to offer you the highest quality wood products using innovative and cost-effective technologies. We have a rich and modern machine park, including Schmidler’s carpenter center, which is a fully automated woodworking line.

We are also the owners of our own sawmill, automated chamber dryers, varnishing plants, wood impregnation equipment, presses for gluing wooden beams of different cross sections.